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  Dr. Barbara Killinger
Dr. Barbara Killinger

Photo by Helen Tansey

Dr. Barbara Killinger is a Toronto author and clinical psychologist in private practice who works with clients on developing the inner balance necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Her degrees are from the University of Western Ontario and York University. Her Ph. D. dissertation was the first empirical study on humour in psychotherapy. She is a recognized pioneer in the field of workaholism.

Barbara is a sculptor and art enthusiast who enjoys theatre and dance, swimming, reading, and socializing with family and friends.

Workaholics. The Respectable Addicts (Key Porter, 1991), an immediate bestseller in Canada, has been published in nineteen countries, in nine languages, with a revised edition in 2004.

The Balancing Act. Rediscovering Your Feelings (Key Porter, 1995) outlines her techniques for recovery.

Integrity. Doing the Right Thing For the Right Reason (McGill-Queen’s, 2007), with a revised edition in 2009, was translated as Etre authentique (Marcel Broquet, 2010).

Achieving Inner Balance in Anxious Times (McGill-Queen’s, 2011) is her newest timely book.

Dr. Barbara Killinger was named York University Summer 2012 Class Notable.

Psychology Today Magazine asked Dr. Killinger to write a monthly blog on the subject of workaholism. The blog can be found under "The Workaholics" by clicking on the Psychology Today button above, under her picture on this page. Currently the blog has received over 50,000 visitors.

Dr. Killinger was asked to write an article for the Spring 2012 issue of WRITE magazine. It is entitled "From Passion to Obsession: When Writers Become Workaholics."

Read about the connection between lack of transparency and workaholism in Dr. Barbara Killinger's interview in The Globe and Mail.

Read about the dangers of basing one's self-worth on productivity in The Globe and Mail.

Read a review of Barbara Killinger's Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason in the blog written by John Pellowe, CEO of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

Dr. Barbara Killinger appeared on CBC's "Here and Now" in an interview with Matt Galloway on Ocober 15.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford interviewed Dr. Killinger as the expert in the field of workaholism for his new book, Recover to Live. Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction. He quoted from some of the ideas from her interview on pages 287 to 289 under the title of "Workaholism Can Hinder Long-Term Recovery."

Dr. Barbara Killinger was asked to participate in Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox's Science on Film series on March 27, 2013 with Jay Ingram as host where expert guests watch and explore a film with an audience in order to better understand the science behind some troublesome issues. The film, Up In The Air, with George Clooney, explores workaholism and the effect it has on people's lives.